The Story of Brittany & Nick + Baby

There is so much to say, but the photos below will tell you everything you need to know about Brittany & Nick.

Yes, the nursery is magical and they are one good lookin’ couple, but it’s more than all of that. It’s the love they share that you can’t help but feel. Together they have created a miracle—and they know it. You can see it in their smiles, their embrace, in the undeniable sparkle in their eyes. There’s an overwhelming sense of warmth and support found in their relationship that will soon grow even deeper and wider when baby Elle arrives any day.

Brittany started as a co-worker, but now I consider her a great friend. She’s an extremely talented art director who still finds time help and encourage others—she won’t let you forget she has your back. She has the biggest heart and a honest spirit, not to mention impeccable style. She even offered to do my hair for my wedding last spring. There is no doubt she will be an exceptional mother.

I was so grateful she was willing to let me take her nursery and maternity photos as I continue to learn more as a photographer. There were MANY photos from the shoot and editing it down to even these was difficult. So okay, maybe I did have more to say than I thought. Let’s get on with it—here is the story of Brittany & Nick + Baby.

And because I know you want to know:

Wallpaper - Walls Need Love

Crib, Chair, Lamp and bedding - Pottery Barn Kids & Baby

Christi LaMarca