Quickie Fireplace Remodel

Moving. It sucks. And yet, I recently made my fifth move in four years. However, I think this home is going to stick. It's light and bright with vaulted ceilings and a open concept floor plan that I'm loving. Prior to moving in the kitchen was renovated, new floors were put in and the walls were painted all in a way I would've chosen—score! But there was on problem: The Fireplace. The thing is in the middle of the room and was still living in the past. It desperately needed a facelift. So I started my research. I visited a few tile stores and did some searching on the world wide web. I finally landed on the Allen + Roth subway tile at Lowe's. I love a good DIY project, but I called in the professionals on this one (Andy Speer-he's super) and overnight this fireplace transformed!


IMG_1174-1024x1024 2.jpg


IMG_1375-819x1024 2.jpg