This photo pretty much describes this blog; Me with a camera around my neck, camping in Colorado, creating rock collections with my twin sister. 

Tilly & Fran is happy place for travel tips, photography things and life randomness. 

I started this blog over ten years ago and let it get stale as a cheerio in the backseat. A lot has changed with social media becoming the new blog, but I figure there was a time before it existed and people went to websites to read. Or for that matter magazines, books, even newspapers, before all of that existed.

So here I am, ready to share with you places I've traveled to stir adventure, photographs I take to push myself and a little bit of life because I don't scrapbook and my daughter might think this is cool one day.

Like me, this is a work in progress so enjoy at your leisure.  

Oh, in case you're wondering, Tilly short for Matilda was my great-grandmother and Fran short for Frances were my grandmothers (yes, both were Frances).  


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